Trystology owner Roylin Downs shares why she started Trystology, and how she fell into it. She also explains her philosophy of An Orgasm A Day, and introduces us to a few toys.

Trystology owner Roylin Downs discusses the sexual empowerment journey and why she wears a vibrator as a necklace. Guests today are We-Vibe Sync, Classic, Unite and 4 Plus.
Roylin is joined by Trystology sales associate Cindy Ladd as they talk about the store's Orgasm-A-Day philosophy. #anorgasmaday
Roylin talks about why 50 Shades of Grey is important and how it has helped spotlight communication in relationships.
Roylin talks about sexual health and the products that can help, including kegel pelvic floor exercise for women and prostate massage for men.
Roylin explores the varied definitions of vanilla sex and clarifies the confusion over the different types of sexual lubricants.
Roylin discusses sensory play and the best tools for the job while visiting the snow near Palm Springs, CA on her birthday!
Roylin explores the question, "What is sexual hibernation, and how do we snap ourselves out of it?"
Have you been afraid to try anal sex? Roylin answers some questions that anyone new to anal play may have. It's not as scary as you might think!
Roylin interviews Dr. Megan Fleming about how to make any monogamous relationship sizzle. Her motto is, "Become the happiest couple you know."
Roylin is feeling under the weather. What does that have to do with sex? Listen and find out!
Roylin talks with Stacy Scott from Liberator about the latest and greatest in sex position pillows.
Roylin is joined by longtime Trystology sales associate Roxie Rose Heart for a discussion about when and why size matters.
Roylin and Roxie take a tour of Trystology's products for men.
Roylin and Roxie discuss Trystology's buying process and how you can avoid the cheap toys.
Roylin discusses the myths and mysteries of the G-Spot. Have you found yours?